ABOUT Fiducial


Fiducial has a worldwide presence, combining local experience with an International reputation. Founded in 1970, we employ over 16,000 people in 78 countries with a worldwide revenue of over $1.5 billion.


Fiducial's Irish franchisee is Patrick O'Hara & Company, who have operated the franchise in conjunction with their accounting, audit & taxation services from Galway for more than 10 years. They have recently introduced financial planning, bank mediation & insurance services to their growing portfolio.


Fiducial is the French word for TRUST, and TRUST is the key component that exists in Fiducial's relationship with clients, businesses and institutions worldwide.

Paddy O'Hara

Financial Consultant      Qualifications: BA, FCA


Paddy is the Managing Partner of Fiducial in Ireland servicing SME’s in Dublin and Galway in the areas of audit,corporate finance and taxation. Paddy advised many successfull indigenous client firms in the 1980’s when he worked for a number of practices. He joined a small manufacturing firm in 1989 as Financial Director and Shareholder  and was instrumental in growing the firm to over 100 staff and substantially increasing turnover and net profit


Background  - Paddy qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1984 and has a degree in Accounting and Post Grads in Accounting(UCD) and IT (DCU).


Financial Consultant      Qualifications: FCCA


TJ is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant. He worked in an accountancy practice as an Audit Manager in the UK from 1989 to 2001. He joined Fiducial in November 2001 and was appointed Manager. TJ’s area of experience is the provision of audit services to small to medium size firms. TJ brings 24 years experience in audit and accounts production.

TJ Moran


Financial Consultant      Qualifications: QFA, MLIA


John is a Qualified Financial Advisor and former Bank Official. He has extensive experience as a Tied Agent and senior financial consultant to a Global Insurance Company. John is available to advise clients on Bank Restructuring, life pensions, investments and financial mediation.

John Morrin

091 39 40 40

Fiducial engages Qualified Accountants and Financial Advisors to provide fee based Financial Consultancy. Fiducial is not a Mortgage, Insurance or Pension product seller. Financial, Insurance or Pension products are arranged through MB Planning Ltd. trading as Clear Financial. Registered in Ireland No. 494837.Registered Address: Brookfield House, Carrigeen, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. MB Planning Ltd. trading as Clear Financial is regulated by Central Bank of Ireland.